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Pups came to the rescue and are available (with age appropriate shots, wormings, heartworm prevention, microchip, flea/tick prevention) to working livestock guard dog homes.

They are Anatolian Shepherd x Great Pyrenees which is a wonderful mix for working dogs.

There are two separate sets of pups born mid July, 2017  THE "WHITE FACE" GIRLS ARE AVAILABLE.  (The fawn with black face has been adopted)   THE SECOND TRIO IS AVAILABLE AS OF OCTOBER 9, 2017

Girls and boys are available.  Please email detailing what you need an LGD pup for, what predators you have, fencing, and type of l livestock

10/15/2017 I do not turn the youngsters out with my herd and flock because miniature goats can be very hard on livestock guard dog pups, but they in very close proximity to them.  The pups and your herd or flock also need to bond with one another, n ot with my flock or herd.  Just because a pup hangs out with a flock or herd belonging to someone else, and you take it home, it will not necessarily bond with yours unless the appropriate actions are taken and you are prepared to do some training.   These are working livestock guard dog pups, but they are pups and do need some supervision.  Can't tell you kow many people contact me that think they can just throw a pup out with a herd or flock and that's all there is to it.
There is so much more and I am happy to mentor my adopters.

Girls left and middle are available.   Black face boy  has been adopted.
November 16, 2017, they're all adopted.
Orion has been adopted and is living with his cattle.

Sissy and Missy have been adopted - to New Mexico where they will guard Nigerian Dwarf goats and Alpaca - Oct. 28, 2017

White girl goats

Masked girl goats

girl left, boy right
Abby was adopted and living with Great Pyrenees Winter who was previously adopted from Bexata