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Bexata Animal Sanctuary, Inc.
This is how you meet the Greyhounds once your application has been approved.
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Martingale collars are available for a $20 donation.
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Bexata Animal Sanctuary, Inc.

Merry Christmas from the King family!
Happy Halloween from Bexata

Oktoberfest in North Texas October 1, 2016
Bexata Avalanche, SC and FCh Bexata Handsome, SC
many thanks to mom Amanda!

Merry Christmas from Bexata!
Avalanche waiting for Santa
Merry Christmas from Piper Terrell and family - Piper is a rescue Pyrenees who was placed in a wonderful ranch home, but still has to sit with Santa for family portraits!
Amanda's  Greyhound selfie
You must have a sense of humor when you have a young Greyhound.
Waiting for Santa to come down the chimney!
Happy New Year 2015 from Bexata Luna, Bexata Willow and Bexata Foxie

Merry Christmas to all from Bexata adopted Greyhounds Lexi and Carrie Parringin
Happy Hoidays from Cat, Carolyn and Sable the Greyhound

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We always reply to inquiries about adopting our Greyounds.
If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?
At Bexata. we make our Greyhounds available to families that love to go out and do things with them.  Zoe is a perfect example.  She is a couch potato at home, but they love to go out to lure coursing competitions with her as well.   

Retired racers can live with cats, but it is up to the adopter to monitor the introducton and supervise their interaction.

Retired Greyhounds can also live with small dogs, but it is up to the adopter to monitor the introduction and supervise their interaction.
Dancy Jones and mini dachsund and Ig buddies

Foxie Hanzelka with her boy, Nate and the Hanzelka Ig's

 Bexata Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is a non-profit corporation founded in 2009 as a private animal sanctuary which has evolved into a private Greyhound rescue. Our purpose is to find homes for young, racing schooled Greyhounds and to educate the public on the suitability and availability of Greyhounds as pets. Our mission is motivated by a thorough understanding of the breed and the environmental characteristics that help the breed excel alongside their human handlers. To that end, we offer public adoption events, an informative website, and one-on-one attention via telephone and e-mail to help new owners of our Greyhounds learn how to transition their new pets into their families. Because of our extensive background, we have a keen understanding of the type of pet owners that would be best suited for ownership of the breed and work hard to make these matches. Bexata works with rescues as far away as California to do its best to ensure each Greyhound without a home can find a permanent place they too can call their own.

Some available Greyhounds - click the picture to see more

Please contact for information and an application.

BexAta Animal Sanctuary, Inc. was established for the benefit of a variety of farm and domestic animals, including sheep, goats, dogs, cats, birds, poultry, pot belly pigs.  We are a rescue in that we rehome some animals, but we are a sanctuary in that some will be with us for the remainder of their lives.   Some animals are not adoptable, but deserve a life of love, kindness, care, comfort and respect.

With each animal that is adopted from BexAta, we provide a wealth of information on care and maintenance so that the experience is a good one for both owner and animal.    We try to educate everyone, but realize that people forget things.  Therefore, we are available by phone or email at any time to answer any questions and assist in any way possible.   No question is a stupid question except the one that isn't asked, so please do not hesitate to  email or

Bexata Animal Sanctuary, Inc.
501(c)(3) non-profit Federal ID No. 26-4433318
a Texas non-profit corporation

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